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About Us

Our Approach

We believe that wellness is multidimensional and holistic.

Our approach to supporting your physical and mental health is by using integrative and intuitive techniques through Massage Therapy. It is a proven, powerful way to encourage physical recovery, balance, relaxation and overall mental and physical wellness.


What you can expect

The body is in a constant state of change, and in honouring that fact no two treatments will ever be the same.  Each treatment starts with a short debriefing on where you are at and what your goals are for your treatment.  We will come up with a treatment plan using a combination of techniques, depending on what is indicated.  

Gyan Mudra

Candice Chang, RMT

Candice Chang, Owner of Transcend Massage Canmore, graduated from the Canadian Therapeutic College of Ontario and has been practicing for 15 years. Her ambition is to support people living in a higher state of wellness, both physically and mentally.  In doing this we free ourselves from the limitations of the body and mind, and experience our lives in a fuller, freer way.

Techniques used in our practice

Deep tissue and sports massage, fascial work, cupping, pregnancy, lymphatic drainage, TMJ, sports and relaxation massage techniques.

Back Massage


Reiki Treatment
Back Massage

We believe it's ESSENTIAL.

Aromatherapy included in every treatment.


Relax! Stay a while.

Enjoying a massage treatment during your stay at the Lady Macdonald Inn is highly recommended.  It's an opportunity to decompress and get the most out of your stay with an  in house treatment.  Just put your slippers on, make a tea and retreat to your room afterwards :)  
If you are a local or staying elsewhere, you are welcome to take your time afterwards with a tea in our dining room by the fire.

For more info about the Lady Macdonald Inn or to book a stay, click the link below.

Cup of Tea

The Lady Macdonald Country Inn


client testimonials


The treatment I received from Candice was both technical and intuitive.  She treated my body as an individual rather than a textbook case and I felt tons of release after.

Irene Han


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